In order to design and develop tomorrow's projects today, in line with the energy transition and the ongoing digital disruption, Rentimmo Group SA has created various cross-industry partnerships and created in early 2017 a dedicated department:the TechLab.

Sectors of activity and R&D

BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Dynamic VR

« BIM is a method integrating all actors of a project to develop, build, test and validate it virtually in 3D before and during realization on site. Once a BIM digital model is built, it is sent to the MO and to the operator / stewardship to optimize the operating cost of the building. »

Integrating the BIM method and Dynamic VR (virtual reality) very early in the development phase (construction and / or renovation projects) ables to optimize projects, not only from a global point of view of building but also when construction cost and profitability of the project are priced in operation.

The BIM manager coordinates 3D digital models, change requests and transfers between databases (ultimately intended for the building operations).

Software : Revit, Autodesk Live, Enscape, InsiteVR

Exchange formats : IFC, BCF, COBie

Fast prototyping and 3D modeling

Support in the territory's planning by using various fast prototype tools, 3D digital modeling of the existing territory, 3D digital modeling usable in real time, 3D printing and communication tools. Photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning and retro-engineering.

Tools for analysis and collaboration between different services of a municipality (buildings, urban planning, infrastructure, equipment, mobility,...), as well as use on site during operation.

BEPos and Energy efficiency

Study and simulation of the overall energy concept of a project, integrating the latest technological advances in order to build projects in line with the MoPEC 2020 (Cantonal Energy Prescription Model) and the Confederation's Energy Strategy 2050.

GreenPower on-site

GreenPower on-site is the production of green energy (or renewable) on the building site, depending at least on the contribution of external suppliers, with the aim of promoting "short circuits".

  • Integration of energy concepts in real estate projects allowing the production and consumption of green energy produced on site (on-site), for example by using photovoltaic intensively to meet almost all electricity consumption needs or by installing a heat generation system based on local geothermal energy or heat pumps.
  • Establishment and management of Community of Self-consumption, in line with current societal changes (sharing economy)
  • Integration of "Electrosmog-Protect" solutions in the building to reduce radiation that is potentially harmful for humans (electromagnetic fields, low frequency waves, ...)

The "GreenPower on-site" concept was developed by Rentimmo Group SA, and the brand GreenPower ™ has been registered, to encourage investors, building users and the public to heigten this type of approach.

Lighting & integrated security

Study, simulation and technological innovations in lighting systems: choice of light sources, consumption, visual comfort for users, spectral quality, integration in building automation, consumption management.

Implementation of integrated security solution: access control and management, building security, intrusion detection, remote control.